Mother's Day Labels + Mother's Day Gift Ideas that you can DIY

Mother’s Day - what a special day that’s dedicated to amazing women, MOMS!

Our family has a number of traditions that we look forward to every year - from laser tag to crabbing off the dock, I love spending the day with my family. I don’t expect a lot of emphasis to be put on gifts on Mother’s Day for myself, however, I do usually send/give gifts to the moms in my life.

I created this label set last year when I was struggling with gift ideas - so instead of purchasing presents, I DIY’d most of the holiday myself by making a batch of body butter, re-labeling bottles of wine, purchasing a Barnes and Noble gift card and putting them together in a cute crate.

This year, I plan on “updating” last year’s ideas so that they’re not exactly the same, but will be using these labels for Mother’s Day that are now available in my shop! I put them together in a kit with some Teacher Appreciation labels, just because I think that some of them could be used for either holiday, and for many of you, the end of the school year is coming quickly! So not to steal Mother’s Day thunder, but if you want to double up on some ideas for gifting those teachers we love so much, here are a few more DIY ideas…

The Mother’s Day + Teacher Appreciation Label set comes with circular labels for jar tops or hang tags, a wine label, cards with blank fields to write notes, and colorful printed cards in sea foam green.

Mother's Day gift tags - 1 copy.jpg
gift tag images copy2.jpg

The Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation label set is a great embellishment for any of your Mother’s Day DIY projects!

Are you on Pinterest? Check out these pins for your DIY boards:

Mother's Day gift tags for DIY gift ideas
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Sibyl Smith