Frequently Asked Questions:

We expect this list to grow over time as more and more of you ask questions.  If you have a question that is not answered on this page, or in your documentation, please let us know by emailing Hello@DIYLabelsClub.com

Thank you!

How can I get a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Software?

You can download and install the Adobe Acrobat software by following this link:


Why is there a grey line around some of the labels?

The grey line is meant to be used by those of you who are using a circle cutter, like the Fiskars 2" cutter.  The line is meant for you to cut around with scissors so that you can properly center the label in your cutter.  It's meant to be a guide for you to cut the excess paper off and reach the label with your circle cutter.

Why are some of the circular labels actually larger than the size that they're supposed to be?

Some of the labels that have a background color are actually larger than the size you'll have when completed.  This is because there is a background color on these specific labels and we wanted to make sure that the color extends to the edges of your cuts.  This way, if you are off by a tiny bit with cutting, the color that extends to the edge.

When I click on one of the links, it opens the labels in a new tab but I don't see the text boxes where I'm supposed to type.

It's best to save the files directly to your computer before typing onto them.  To do this, just right-click on the file that you'd like to use, and save it to somewhere on your computer.  Then, open the file in Adobe Acrobat and you will see the text boxes where you can type your information directly onto the label.