Salt Scrub Recipe

A few weeks ago, I started experimenting with some scrub recipes because I wanted a new exfoliator for the shower. The experimentation ended up being interesting, too, because what I thought I would really like ended up being mixtures that I actually did not care for at all. For instance, brown sugar + honey in a scrub for me was just too sticky - so I quickly transitioned to some salt mixtures. I also decided to try Sweet Almond Oil to use as the fat, since coconut oil can make a slippery mess in the shower...and not to mention, cause issues in your drain. 

This was the final recipe that my girlfriends and I used at our latest DIY night, and it has been well received! We used epsom salts as the base, and learned that while epsom salts are large and rough at first, they soften and become less abrasive after a day or two of sitting. I am very happy with this recipe and am excited to use it throughout the summer with different scents!

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This natural salt scrub base can be used with many different fats and/or essential oils. Remember that different salts have different textures and consistencies - so keep that in mind when choosing your ingredients. (Epsom salts are larger granules than kosher or table salts, etc.) We used Epsom salts that seemed large and rough at first, but after setting for a few days, they were less abrasive and very soothing.


Air tight glass jars for storage

3 cups Salt - Epsom, Himilayian, or Kosher are some options

1/3 cups Sweet Almond Oil

Essential Oils (we used 35 drops of Lavender)


Combine salts and sweet almond oil in large bowl until the salt has a wet consistency. Mix in essential oils and spoon into air tight jars. The salts will be less abrasive after sitting for a day.

*** this was a bulk recipe since we had a larger group and filled 8 4oz Ball jars. 

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Sibyl Smith