Peppermint Candy Loofah Soap

Holiday Soaps that look like Candy!

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Peppermint Candy Loofah Soaps

Peppermint Candy Loofah Soaps are a thoughtful, and fun gift for the holiday season.  And even though they might look time consuming to make, they’re truly not at all.  Their fresh, minty scent is sure to evoke those holiday spirits whether they’re used in the shower or they sit on your favorite holiday soap dish by the sink.  I love wrapping these up like traditional peppermint candies for a unique method for packaging!  


Loofah Scrubbers (cylindrical shaped)

Sharp Knife


Cupcake Tin

Clear Glycerin Soap 

Red soap coloring

White glycerin soap

Peppermint Essential Oil

The first step in this recipe is the one that makes these soap candies so unique! 

Follow the instructions on your clear glycerin soap to melt about 4 cubes in the microwave - You’ll notice how quickly it melts, so be sure to keep an eye on it and stir it frequently to avoid clumps.  Once it’s melted, add a few drops of your red glycerin soap coloring to it, and stir until combined.  Pour into the cupcake tin in small layers and set aside.  These are the pieces that you will slice into candy stripes later.  We have found that these set within 30 minutes.

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Using a sharp knife, slice the loofah into rings that are about 1/4” - 1/2” thick. (This part is really up to you, so you don’t need to get a ruler out to measure.)  

Cut strips of twine that are about 6” - 7” long, and thread thread them through the holes of the loofah and tie in a knot. This creates a handle to hang them up if you’re using them in the shower.

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Once the red soap is set, which is usually about 20-30 minutes or so, remove them from your mold. You might need to go around the edges with a butter knife to pop them out. (**A silicone cupcake pan would work nicely for this project as well.) Now you can use a sharp cutting tool to slice them in to small rectangles, triangles or swirls that look like peppermint candy stripes. Be as creative as you like!  

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Place them back into your cupcake pan to create a pattern that resembles the red stripes of the candies. 

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Next, place the tray in the freezer. Since you’ll be layering these with warm white glycerin soap on top, this helps to ensure that they’ll hold their shape and will not melt from the additional heat.  

Now you can melt your white glycerin soap by following the directions on you packaging. We recommend about 2 cubes per soap, so this is where you’ll consider how many to melt based on how many you’re creating. Be sure to stir frequently during the melting process to ensure there are no clumps. Once it’s melted, let it cool for a few minutes - it will be hot!  

Stir in the peppermint essential oils - I used about 10-12 drops per 4 soaps.

Remove the cupcake tin from the freezer - making sure not to jostle the pan, you don’t want the candy stripes to be misplaced! 

Place the loofah sponges into the cupcake wells, on top of the stripes, making sure that the strings are pulled out of the way and off to the sides.  

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Pour the white milk soap mixture over top of the loofah, filling up the tin to just about 1/2 way up the loofah. Press each loofah down into the mixture to set into place. 

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Place back into the freezer for 3-4 minutes to set. 

Remove from the freezer and set aside.    

Once they’re set (30 minutes or so), release the soaps by pressing around the edges with a butter knife to pop them out - just give them a pull by their strings and you’ll reveal the peppermint candy design on the bottoms! 

Occasionally, some of the white soap will cover part of the red or green stripes, but it easily scrapes away.

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We used cellophane and holiday ribbons wrap them up and tie them like peppermint candies.


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Sibyl Smith