Father's Day Labels and Tent Cards + Homemade Foot Powder Recipe and Labels

Father's Day Gift Tags and Tent Cards + a recipe for homemade foot powder!

If you’re like me, when you think about Father’s Day, there isn’t a lot of traditional decor that comes to mind. So last year, I created a few fun pieces that could be used around our house. I also decided to take a crack at a new recipe that I had been researching: homemade foot powder. You can see that recipe here, but the cute labels that go along with it are in the shop, here.

These gift tags work well on top of a mason jar lid, or attached to a gift.  There are also tent cards for us on your tables and stands - let's make Dad feel special on his big day!

Father's Day featured image2.png

This set includes:

  • 4 styles of 2" circular gift tags

  • "Rad Dad" tent cards

  • My Feet (don't) Stink Foot Powder Labels (recipe here)

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Sibyl Smith