Fall Harvest Sachets - as seen in Willow & Sage Magazine!

Gifting the Scents of Fall

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The scents of fall evoke pure nostalgia to me - and so many others around the world!  These sachet packs are an easy way to combine natural and fragrant ingredients and create a beautiful harvest scent for any room, drawer - or even a car.  

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Taking one extra step to label these sachets creates numerous opportunities for gifting, too.  From place cards at a festive gathering, to gifting child’s teacher - they provide warm and inviting aromas of the fall season.

What would be your favorite ingredients to include in a fall-themed sachet bag?  Here are some of mine.


Sachet bags

Cinnamon Sticks


Whole Nutmeg

Star Anise 

Dehydrated Citrus

Dehydrated Apples

Other ingredients to consider might be essential oils for additional scents, dried citrus peels or dried herbs like rosemary or lavender.

Combine equal amounts of these ingredients into sachet bags and tie the drawstring.  If you’re going to be sprinkling your ingredients with essential oils, be sure to do so before filling the bags and let the pieces dry so that the oil does not seep through the bags.  

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For the labeling process, be as creative as you’d like!  If printing and cutting isn’t your style, you could try layering recycled papers and hand writing messages, using stamping materials, or even stitching fabrics with words or designs.  

Sibyl Smith