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DIY Crafter’s Community!

Connect. Create. Celebrate.

If you’re a creator like me, you probably know what I mean when I say that creating with others is more fun than alone! I’ve spent years creating on my own and have recently realized that taking my DIY projects to group settings has been an amazing way to connect with others! From essential oil parties to DIY Girl’s Night Out events, we have had so much fun bringing creativity and DIY together!

That’s why I have created the DIY Crafter’s Community - a distraction-free online platform for us to connect and share recipes, tutorials and files for months and months of DIY inspiration!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

~Albert Einstein

The DIY Crafters Community is a monthly membership group that is continuously growing with ideas, inspiration and other members like YOU who love to create. Do you have days where you’re itching to create something, but can’t decide what to make? This community will fill your brain with inspiration! Do you love to gift others throughout the year and welcome new gift ideas? This community will be bustling with gifting inspiration. Do you love to create throughout the holiday season??? Then this community will be your holiday hub for DIY.

We will be launching in just a few weeks but for now, you can let me know that you’re interested by dropping your email address below. (I will keep you in the loop and include you with a special introductory offer when we open up! Don’t you LOVE being a founding member of an amazing group?)

Keep your eyes out for some details as I will be releasing them every few days!

Super excited to create with you!

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