How to customize roller bottle labels & tent cards

Hey Everyone!

This is a quick tutorial on how to customize some of my roller bottle labels and tent cards so that you have an understanding about some of the perks of the PDFs.

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If you’re starting from scratch and need some supplies for your roller ball project, here are a few that I recommend:

Roller Bottles with Stainless Steel Balls

Doterra Essential Oils

Sweet Almond Oil, which can be used as your carrier oil

Once you have downloaded the labels and tent cards, you can open them in the free Adobe Acrobat software. Many people already have this on their computers and don’t even know! But just in case you don’t have it, here is the link so that you can go and download it. It’s free and super easy to install!

Open the PDFs in Adobe Acrobat.

You’ll see fields where you can type on your own information. On the roller bottle labels, you can enter your ingredients and suggested uses. You might find that you have different blends or instructions for the same label, so if you do, there are plenty on the page for you to differentiate. (15 per page!)

roller labels with text.jpg

When working on tent cards, you can enter the instructions for making the roller bottles and the suggested usage. You’ll see that when you populate the field for the Instructions, it automatically fills in the other “Instructions” on the other cards. The same goes for the “How to Use” sections.

tent cards with text.jpg

Once you’ve entered all of your desired information, you can print all them out.

I print the tent cards on a card stock - and I have found this awesome waterproof label paper that comes in sheets and is an amazing solution for the roller bottle labels.

Cut the tent cards along the light grey lines - there is in the center as well as lines on the edges of the cards.

Then, fold the cards in half to create a tent.

Fold the cards in half and create tents for your guests to read on both sides!


Cut the labels along the light grey outlines, peel them off, and apply to your roller bottles.

Wrap the labels around the bottles and enjoy!

Wrap the labels around the bottles and enjoy!

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Sibyl Smith